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Auto-Defense in Mexico ... The People's Militia ….

Auto-Defense in Mexico The Militias ….
The story of the Border War, how we got to where we are now will be addressed through the recollections and stories of the people involved, in some cases I was there, in others all we have are rumor, innuendo, reasonable assumptions and dots that will be connected. Rest assured I am no PFC Bradley Manning, nor am I another Edward Snowden, as both of those fellows went to far and they betrayed the confidences and security of the United States and its people. 

By the same token the truth of these matters is hidden behind the smoke billowing from a House of Mirrors on the shores of the Potomac River. So after consultations with legal experts and longtime friends and associates in the Intelligence and Security business the truth will be told in the form of fictions.

“That's what fiction is for. It's for getting at the truth when the truth isn't sufficient for the truth.” ― Tim O'Brien

There is a movement taking place in Mexico, that is ‘revolutionary’, and how the revolution goes will have a direct impact upon the Border War. I had just returned from David, Panama having gone down there to retrieve my Cessna 337 SkyMaster, the Gray Ghost, I still had the DIA’s Cessna 310 at the ranch in Greenback and the paper work for Mexico was all in order and in the logbook. 

After I got the call it was a ‘No Brainer’, I flew right down Michoacan when I was told an old friend, Dr. José Manuel Mireles Valverde, was involved in a plane crash. Dr Jose Mireles is a man on a mission; he has emerged as the principle face of the General Council of the Community and Self-Defense Groups of Michoacán, an organization that I refer to as the People’s Militia.

There is a war raging in Michoacan, it is a three sided affair with the primary antagonist being Los Caballeros Templarios, or in English, the Knights Templar. The Templars are a criminal organization, a Cartel, that promotes itself as the ‘protector’ of the people.

Led by “La Tuta”, whose given name is Servando Gomez Martinez, although he is also known as The Profe, ‘the Teacher’. He recently was profiled on Mexican television and provided a series of statements which claimed he and his band of murderous thugs were actually just misunderstood social fraternity,

“I am now dedicated to leading a brotherhood, a company, the Caballeros Templarios. We see ourselves as protectors of our communities, protecting them from the social disorganization. We know that individually we are not saviors, we know that we are not going to change the world, but we do want competent authorities to establish a state with civil rights for all, and for the authorities to perform, to do what they should be doing for the community and the people.”

The second participant in the Battle for Michoacan is the Federal Government of Mexico, represented by the Federal Police and the Military.

The third crew is what the Mexican media pundits are calling ‘self-defense groups’. Local militias, those in Mexico are quite similar in nature to those that rise up where and whenever the civil government fails to provide peace and security for their people. In the region of Mexico often described as the Tierra Caliente, it is Doctor Mireles who has emerged as the leader of that faction.

Doctor Mireles was a passenger in an air taxi that crashed during take-off in the first week of January, 2014, a week or so ago. He had been injured and taken to a local hospital. That was when I got a call from a friend in the area, he said that he had been to the hospital when the local Municipal Police chased off the Doctor’s body guards. He described the scene to me as being straight from the movie, ‘The Godfather’. You remember the scene when the Don is in the hospital and the crooked cops set him up in a similar manner. Al Pacino takes one on the chin from the corrupt cop.

I immediately called an associate of mine, a man that had been in the Mexican Army and now handles some of the ‘Contra Cartel” portfolio for their government, Hector Hernandez. I have not known Hector for very long, but after our last encounter I had realized that he had delivered the goods when no one else had been able to. I told Hector of Doctor Mireles’s accident, and that his long term health and general longevity were of importance to me and, more importantly, to serious people in my circle of friends, which he thinks includes the man in the Oval Office. Fancy that fantasy, aye.

Anyway, Hector did not let me down, and there was an armed contingent of Federal Police at the hospital within minutes, followed along by a Blackhawk that arrived within the hour and quickly airlifted the Doc to Mexico City, where he is now safely ensconced in a military hospital. Where he was diagnosed with head and facial trauma, multiple trauma, fracture of the right orbital base, jaw, mandibular fracture in his right arm, rib fracture on both sides and right pulmonary contusion. He should be fine as frog hair in no time.

There were immediate rumors that the aircraft had been sabotaged, but there was no obvious evidence of that, and the Federal Police are handling the investigation of the plane crash. The man who has stepped up and into Doc Mireles’s shoes, Hipolito Mora, is not nearly as personable as the Doctor and has, here to for, remained at arm’s length from the media. There are thirteen men in the leadership ranks of the Self-Defense Councils, but Mireles and Mora are the primary movers, the go to guys.

The militias, in the weeks prior to the plane crash, had moved into and taken control of the cities of Tomatlán Buenavista, Coalcomán, Hawk, Tepalcatepec, Los Reyes, Chinicuila, Aquila, Paracho, Cheran, La Huacana, Tancítaro, Churumuco, Parácuaro, Coahuayana and a community outside of Apatzingán..
Hector assured me that the government in Mexico City wanted the cooperation of the Militias and he was impressed by their success against the Templars.

In the meantime the battle continues outside the city of Apatzingan, the Templar strong hold in the area.
It was 09:30hrs on Sunday, December 29, when Doctor Mireles rolled into Churumuco, Michoacán at the head of a twenty vehicle convoy.

The people there had joined the self-defense movement and had formed up in the town square. Doctor Mireles addressed the group.

“As of today, Churumuco is officially taken over by the citizen movement of the community of Churumuco.  We welcome those who want to arm themselves and defend their families and their people.  If you are armed and come into the presence of the Federal Police or the Army, do not run; the Templarios are the ones who have to flee.  Show the Federal Police or the Army respect, lower your weapons when they pass.  The Army and the Feds are our friends”.

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